Daily dose of Code: ELK on Ubuntu 14.04

So I fiddled around a bit with Droplets from DigitalOcean and I must say they are really cool! I learned so much (especially about CI/CD and deployment) in just a few days, it’s incredible. Droplets are basically pre-setup servers (e.g. LAMP, Docker, etc.) that you can create (pricing is hourly, cheapest server start at 0.0075$/h). It’s really awesome if you want to get to know current technologies quickly and efficiently. But it’s also very cheap and efficient when you simply want to try out some stuff.


Example of DigitalOceans Droplet Creation System

Additionally, I learned about ELK (Elasticsearch+Logstash+Kibana) for centralizing and visualizing all kinds of logs. There’s even a Jenkins plugin (for Elasticsearch and also for Logstash) for it. Logstash has a special syntax for input and output logs, so that it can be read and visualized by Kibana.

Currently I’m trying to set up ELK + Jenkins to manage my logs for my project, as soon as I get it working, I’ll make a tutorial about it. 🙂

Disclaimer: All pictures and links were taken/accessed on the same date that this post was published (05.03.2016)